Poor first object layer after supports

Sunlu PLA Plus in gray, prints fine for all other layers. Generic PLA profile, supports enabled with everything on the profile defaults.

It looks like it’s only printing 1 bottom shell layer over the support, and it’s underextruding. Not sure what settings to adjust though since shells are set to 3 for top and bottom, and all other top/bottom layers are printing without error.

No expert here, I had similar looking prints with PLA and once I enabled - Enable Pressure advance - My prints look good again. This setting is found on the filament tab on the slicer, click on the edit pen next to the filament you are going to use and you will see the setting there.


Yep, did that days ago, did not make a difference, this print was done just a few minutes ago with pressure advance set correctly (I ran the calibration and confirmed that 0.02 was the appropriate setting)

Any surfaces touching support just come out as garbage.
They look fine in the slicer, but something is lowering the extrusion rate for the first layer after support.

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I have had the same issue as you. Type of support does not matter either. Tree or normal still looks under extruded. even b4 all the updates. Thought I too had over looked a setting. If you dig past the first layer above the support the next layers are also “Loose” or “under extruded”.

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I’ve had the best luck when using Tree (Auto) + Tree Hybrid support settings. When prompted for associated changes, I click YES.

support settings

I get the best results though using the green support material for high-temp filaments. Breaks away with ease and leaves a much cleaner finish. I realize that doesn’t probably apply, but wanted to mention as the results seem cleaner than when printing with PLA and using the white support material.

I also typically use the main filament for the support base/structure and only use the white break away for the top-most support layers.

HI… Did you get it fixed??
I have been fighting with the same issue the past weeks, changing alle kind of settings not seing any result changes.
Kind regard

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Hello, I have exactly the same problem everywhere where the supports touch the object to be printed, the layers look very bad. Has anyone already found a solution?

Thank you very much for your help.

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i haven´t found a real solution without ams but because of these fact i startet to print support-prints with “support-material”.
when i print pla then i use petg for interface layers. when printing petg i use pla. with this the prints always look good if you have an ams.

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I think its the Z gap between the support. Below is a comparison. Bottom is 0.2, middle is 0.1, top is 0.0 with BBL support interface material.

Struggling with the same issue, I’ve seen people elsewhere mentioning it got fixed after a complete factory reset or so.

Has anyone solved the problem? Maybe it’s the slicer’s fault? I’m printing objects with a lot of support and I need to have the best possible first layer above the support. :frowning:

I solved it by getting an AMS and using a support interface with z spacing set to zero, other than that, not much can be done without fusing the bottom layer to the support material.