Poor Surface quality when stacking Archimedean Chords

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is having issues when using Archimedean Chords for top surface pattern and internal solid infill. I posted this in the P1S section but it occurs on my A1 and X1C also. When I need to print cylinder like objects, I typically use concentric based patterns like Arch Chords for top surfaces and bottom surfaces. When I use Arch chords for both top surfaces and internal infill, I either get surface finish inconsistency at best, or at worst I get bad surface smearing. This does not occur when I use Arch Chords on Monotonic line. So why not just use it with Mono Line? I do for everything except Silk where you can see the internal solid infill lines below the top surface.

The Pictures below were printed on a New P1S with Sunlu Silk PLA.

Top image is Arch on top of Arch. the bottom pic is Arch on Mono line.


It looks like the issue is being caused by improper belt tension on the A1 and P1S. I began to suspect this after noticing the issue always occurs on opposite sides of the circle. It looks like you can use Archimedean chords to test your belt tension.

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