Popups ruining things while trying to post a reply

Since there is section for forum related issues…

I noticed for a while that the forum software can be rather annoying.
Typing a longer reply triggers the forum to pop up a warning that you already edit the same draft in a different window - even if you use just this single page in the browser.
Maybe not a problem for most users but I usually type ‘blind’ and won’t check the screen for every word I type.
So things get lost quite often and I have to type them again.
Is there a way to stop these useless, wrong and annoying pop ups ?

Key combos and such…
I have no clue whether it is me making a typo or another bug but:
Sometimes my editor window just vanishes with all text and instead I get a fresh and fully empty editor window, even the topic headline is gone.
Today this happened twice to me.
Is there any page listing the key combos enabled in this forum for the editor ?

What browser are you using?

Google found this for me.

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I’m tempted to say that’s because of your browser and the cookies you have accepted when you first logged-in this forum. If that’s the case, just simply purge all existing cookies set by the various sites you’ve visited, then login again on the forum, only this time making sure you reject any and all non strictly necessary cookies (meaning to refuse all statistics, analytics, advertising, tracking and profiling cookies, or allow sharing (selling) your browsing habits to/with various third-parties. If the cookies aren’t the issue (though I’d be surprised not to be the case), there are several reliable browser add-ons that you can install on your machine and configure to stop any tracking being used in relation to your machine IP address, and stop any advertising being displayed on your screen (so called "adblocker software ").

Not complaining, but, I use the iPad for almost all of my forum work.

No keyboard shortcuts will help without a physical keyboard.

That said, I’ve stumbled enough to work out the do’s and don’t to get me around.

Thanks for those shortcuts, much appreciated…

As for the cookies…
These unwanted popups happen both in Chrome and Firefox.
Clearing the cookies and browser cache did not fix this, was one of my first attempts.
For the ‘reminder’ that I am already editing the reply in a different window it has to be a bug - but not my end as I can re-create the issue on different computers and browsers with no issue.
Takes a good while to pop up but it always does after I reached a certain time or character count.

Happens on other sites as well, just saying.
Like on the Meta forum these pesky ‘offers’ to leave feedback for the forum that no staff member ever checks…
I don’t mind if a provider thinks such ■■■■ is required but at least the user should have options to turn this off…

I have several browsers, they all have options like this:

I block all pop-ups, and allow them on a per-site basis if they are beneficial to me.

bambulab.com and forums.bambulab.com work just fine with pop-ups blocked.