Possible cause for wrong "Purged filaments piled up" error

Recently I had a lot of HMS_0C00_0300_0003_0006: Purged filaments piled up errors. The purged filament chute was perfectly empty, but the printer kept stopping sending me this error. After some struggling I’ve discovered that the cause was a lamp placed behind the printer. Maybe some light reflexes triggered the error, I don’t really know, but turning the lamp off solved the issue, and the printer stopped sending this error. I don’t know if could be relevant, but the color of the lamp light is red. Do you also have had this error? How did you solved it?

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I just had that error except it was real LOL

Hi Amicojeko
I have the same error here.
Error message pops up every 5-30 minutes, but poops hole is clean, no jams.
I find the lighting very interesting: I installed on top LED lighting a few days ago. (Led strips glued below the AMS)
I’ve just turned off the LED’s (God it’s gone dark again :slight_smile: ) I’ll monitor the messages.
Good tip, thanks a lot, maybe that will be the solution.

Did it work? :slight_smile:

Also I’m writing this because the message has to be more than 20 characters long :joy:

Have the same error over and over again. Only LED of the printer is on due to timelaps.

Hi Amicojeko
If the LED lighting is switched off, I no longer receive any messages.
That seems to be the culprit.
(by LED lighting I mean the additional lighting that I installed myself. The factory-installed light is OK.)

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What type of filament were you printing with? I have the same issue, I noticed I get it when I use PACF with PA support. When the nozzle changes filament and goes to clean/cut the excess some of the filament sticks on the top / sides of the chute and on the nozzle. The nozzle is able to cut the excess, but the excess doesn’t fall down the chute. The excess sticks to the sides of the chute. So when the nozzle goes to change the filament and clean itself again, it extrudes the excess onto the previously stuck excess and it starts to pile up.

I think it’s a combination of the type of filament and perhaps the nozzle that I’m using. It was recommended to use .6 hardened steel nozzle. I’m using a .4.

Anyone else have similar experience? Or have ideas? Thanks