Possible cause for wrong "Purged filaments piled up" error

Recently I had a lot of HMS_0C00_0300_0003_0006: Purged filaments piled up errors. The purged filament chute was perfectly empty, but the printer kept stopping sending me this error. After some struggling I’ve discovered that the cause was a lamp placed behind the printer. Maybe some light reflexes triggered the error, I don’t really know, but turning the lamp off solved the issue, and the printer stopped sending this error. I don’t know if could be relevant, but the color of the lamp light is red. Do you also have had this error? How did you solved it?

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I just had that error except it was real LOL

Hi Amicojeko
I have the same error here.
Error message pops up every 5-30 minutes, but poops hole is clean, no jams.
I find the lighting very interesting: I installed on top LED lighting a few days ago. (Led strips glued below the AMS)
I’ve just turned off the LED’s (God it’s gone dark again :slight_smile: ) I’ll monitor the messages.
Good tip, thanks a lot, maybe that will be the solution.

Did it work? :slight_smile:

Also I’m writing this because the message has to be more than 20 characters long :joy:

Have the same error over and over again. Only LED of the printer is on due to timelaps.

Hi Amicojeko
If the LED lighting is switched off, I no longer receive any messages.
That seems to be the culprit.
(by LED lighting I mean the additional lighting that I installed myself. The factory-installed light is OK.)

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