Possible Expansion Board Projects

I am sure that none of us has the time to do every project that we can think of. I thought that it would be nice to at least create a list of ideas. Sharing might even inspire some new project ideas.

Possible Projects

  • end of print notification - I added the expansion board buzzer to the machine end code so now I know when the print ends so that I can start the next one.
  • automated model removed from build plate
  • lighting changes by layer during timelapse
  • failed print detection using camera controlled by expansion board
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One thing I thought of was enclosure temperature regulation/ air filtration (my current setup is rather klunky, with an ESP32 and relay controlling both and an a physical thermostat).

For temperature regulation, something like fourpin power to an exhaust fan controlled by a temperature sensor.
The more difficult part of chamber air filtration is getting wiring to the fans. Right now I cut a hole for cabling in the X1C-air-filter panel, but I like what I saw in the Bambulab discord about making a wirelessly powered bentobox…

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Interesting idea. The expansion board makes it easy to add more fans. I am new to this, but I expect that some of the I/O pins can be used to monitor sensors too.

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