Possible to change wall loops after given layer?

Hi - is it possible to have, for example, 3 wall loops for X layers and 5 for Y layers? I.e. different wall loop settings for diff layer ranges? If so, how? TY!

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I believe this can be done using Modifiers but wait until some of the more experienced users reply.

The easiest way to do it is to ‘cut’ the model at the height you want to change preset-settings. Then you can change certain settings in the sub-objects of those parts.
I wrote a guide for this here:Guide: Workflow for Multi-settings within a single object - look into part II

You, sir, are some kind of wizard. This is very interesting. I am having one issue following the instructions:

I cut the object so that the top layer is separate from the rest. Then made modifications to that ‘upper’ object. All fine.

The issue is that for some reason the bottom object now does infill all the way to the top! Whereas before, it had 4 top layers – now it basically has no top layers. It goes infill all the way to the top of the lower, then begins the upper. Hopefully this screenshot helps clarify - the version on the bottom has no cut - you can see layer 16 (semi-final layer) is full - whereas the upper object has infill still there…

Any idea? Thanks so much!


Can you upload the 3mf-project file somewhere? Or link to the stl and tell me where you cut the object so I can reproduce it?