Post your Benchy/Cali-Dragon/whatever collections!

Time for some levity? Time for some levity!

Here’s a Cali-Dragon for almost every filament I have. All printed on the X1C. What’s your collection look like?


Good idea.
I’ve put together a fleet of Benchies using every colour of filament I have and it’s being led by my first multi colour print, a 5 hour Benchy in Olive with a Bambu Lab Orange trim.


Neato! Thanks for sharing! The multi-colour iteration is awesome.

Not exactly a benchy but along the same idea I guess.

This project was totally a random accident. It’s kind of dumb but my wife got a kick out of it.

So two things happened at the same time. A friend of mine was ditching a whole bunch of bargain-basement spools he found were incompatible with his AMS. I purchased them for a fraction of what he paid.

Second, my wife had asked me to print up a Kodama planter(back photo and the largest print my P1P could accommodate at 250mm high).

In the process of selecting some models I started to print scaled-down versions to see how the print my look. After doing a few of them, I realized that this might be a good process to also print samples of each spool I had just acquired and give it to her as a gift with her name on it. I did a quick CAD draft of a holder and plaque. The blurred plaque has her name and says “XXXX’s Kodama Army”.

BTW: All were naked prints with eyes painted using Acrylic paint marker which I found worked great on PLA. That is with the exception of the second-row-left, with the Kodama with the dent in the head. This was an experiment to use a combination of pearl spray paint and high gloss spray paint to see what esthetic affect it might provide. The dent was caused by a heat lamp that I put too close to the object. I was trying to accelerated the curing times of each layer of spray paint. My wife called it a fontanelle after the soft spot one finds in a newborn infant’s heads.