Power loss recovery only works on PLA?

My ASA 8 hours print job was 90% complete when the power went out for about 15 minutes, the UPS kept it running for about 10 minutes. So the printer was only out for about 5 minutes or so. Power loss recovery “worked”, it picked up where it left off.

But the adhesion was not good at all, it looked good at first few layers after recovery. Due to the nature of ASA, it soon warped and separated from the rest. Is there a trick to make it work? Or power loss recovery is only for PLA?

Power losses on a heated bed is always going to be a problem as the heating will go out … however if you’re using a cold plate, it’ll work better.

The problem isn’t the heat bed, it was still relatively hot since it was only for 5 minutes. It’s the top layer dried up/cooled off when the print stopped due to the power outage, resuming printing on that layer didn’t bound with it.

I was under the impression that the power loss recovery algorithm works the same regardless of filament type.

It does, I’m guess PLA adhesion is easier to work with and can print on top of cooled off layer and still have good enough adhesion. With other materials, not so much.

This may also be related to the loss of chamber temperature, as the heated bed keeps it warm inside. Though not as much as it probably should. And yes, PLA is very forgiving with errors and problems.

My P1S is in a 15mm thick MDF enclosure and it was only out for like 5 minutes, the whole enclosure was fairly warm and really stinky when I opened it to push the resume printing button.

Has anyone successfully resume printing with other materials beside PLA?

I have not experience of this, except from a long time ago when I worked in IT and we decided it was easier to upgrade the power than change the computer system.

I haven’t resumed from a power loss but I have successfully resumed ABS/ASA prints from filament round out many hours later. The longest was about 12 hours.


I think that in asking the question in the way that have, you have also answered it: it would only work if it doesn’t warp or detach from the printbed. Otherwise, it’s moot. I mean I suppose that rather than punting you might elect to accept an inferior print, assuming it’s possible to resume the print without it becoming a giant mess. Depending on what happened before and/or after resuming, it may or may not not be a good outcome, but regardless one could perhaps argue that providing you with that “hail Mary” option isn’t nothing.

Power loss recovery is a nice feature to have, it would only work for if power is out for a few minutes. Longer than 5 minutes, layer adhesion issue that I’ve mentioned would guarantee a print failure after resuming the print job. Maybe PLA prints would survive longer power outage.

If power is out long enough for the bed to cool down to a point that parts detach by themselves, then it doesn’t what material it is. In my case, bed adhesion wasn’t an issue since it was only for about 5 minutes. Parts were still firmly attached to the Engineering plate.

I print mostly aesthetic parts, so I’m gonna grab an Ecoflow power station.