Precautions For P1P Enclosure

This link in not opening. Does anyone have this info available?

Maybe it will be updated because of the P1S. But sayed the following for use P1P with enclosure:

  • install the MC fan!
  • if you install the glas door, there is a gab between door and frame above the door
  • use the new stronger toolhead cable with the cable chain
  • optional install the chamber fan

in addition to that I recommend reading the following aswell: Filament & plate compatibility and parameter settings | Bambu Lab Wiki

TL;DR: if bed temp > 45°C remove top lid for PLA (+ its derivates) and if bed temp > 70°C remove top lid for PETG (+ its derivates)

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Thanks for your thoughts. Bambu Labs told me to use this link:

Kind reminder for P1P enclosure | Bambu Lab Wiki