Price drops a1

we bought a1 mini last week and just saw that the price dropped… is there a 2 weeks like normal stores do refund policy with you also or nothing will happen ? thank you

The answer to your question is kind of complicated. Based on all the complaints reported here, Bambu clearly is unresponsive and will also not obey the law. But if they were a regular company that follows the generally accepted consumer guidelines, here is what is at play.

  1. They used to have a stated 14 day no questions asked return policy. Apparently in the last year, that has been severely restricted. It used to be 30 days back at least during last June possibly last August 2023 which was the last time I looked at their policy. So clearly Bambu has been really dialing back their customer service levels

When the P1S was released last year, they did offer me a discount on the upgrade kit when I complained that they announced the product one day after I had already received upgrade parts for the P1P. I would have purchased the P1S upgrade kit instead had I known. It was a bad deal and would have cost me $100 more, rather than just selling me the difference in price, and I didn’t feel it was a good-faith offer. Now that I think about it, this was a watershed event, whereby my relationship and attitude towards Bambu started shifting towards the negative.

  1. In many localities, there is a period of buyer’s remorse whereby a merchant must allow for a return of a product over a certain value. So check with your state and local consumer website. As an example, in many US states, one can return a brand new car within 3 days if they really don’t like what was delivered. But even on that, good luck getting Bambu to respond these days much less honor local laws. They clearly exhibit indifference towards actual actions despite what they stated in their blog.

  2. The last option you may have is to contact your credit card company. If you have something like a Platinum or Premium card, there may be additional warranty protections that cover this.

You could also play hardball and do a credit card chargeback if they don’t make you whole. This requires some Chutzpa but disputing the charge and then negotiating a discount as a settlement is a strategy that often works with most established brands. Who knows what’s going through Bambu’s mind these days, they can’t even respond to support requests so you may not even get acknowledged. A chargeback is a different matter because they have to respond to the bank. What justification do you have? The fact that they granted a discount during your local municipality’s buyer’s remorse period would be one thing that might work in your favor.

The big question here is; do you feel it’s worth the money saved? Maybe they offer you a discount on filament and you end up pay $50 on shipping saving nothing. That would give the appearance of them giving you a concession as they offered me with my P1S upgrade dispute, when in reality, it’s no deal at all.

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

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thank you for your answers, ill get in ouch with them

i got the feeling new models are coming soon…

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i’ll opened a ticket for a discount code about the price difference. I was still in the 14 days return policy by german law.
ordered on the 09th march. delivered on the 12th. ticket is from 26th. where i found out the pricedrop by newsletter.
They said they cant do anything and closed the ticket.

Not really customer friendly and leads me to not by anything other then spareparts when i need to. but no filament or anything else…
Thanks for nothing bambu lab.

Thanks for sharing that experience. It’s helpful for the community to compare notes and see if these bad customer experiences are local or global. I guess we have our answer.

You know, many years ago I worked with Hewlett-Packard back when they were a trusted brand in computer technology. I used to see them bend over backwards to keep a customer happy. When I asked my HP rep one time why they would make some of the craziest accommodations, his answer was that HP studied customer attitudes and learned that it cost HP, on average, $10,000 to find a new customer. It cost less than $100 to lose a customer. So, in HP’s view, it was worth almost anything to maintain customer happiness. I guess we know that Bambu didn’t attend that seminar; after all, who makes you write down something on a piece of paper and send a photo to prove that you actually own something they sold to you? :woozy_face:


Dunno, I only had good experiences so far with the Bambu support. Others not so much. It’s kind of hard to get a general idea based on a few stories.

From what I’ve seen on reddit, some people did get a discount when they bought their P1 or X1 after returning their A1 and didn’t wait for the vouchers. In the case of A1 mini, if you bought it before the price drop and there was no announcement of a discount at that date, there isn’t much you or they can do. I don’t think I’ve seen any store in the EU that gave me a discount because of future promotions. In fact so many prices are inflating these days, so glad it wasn’t a price increase on A1 mini. In the end, so many people bought the A1 mini without the -50 discount, they are not going to retroactively give each individual 50 back.

If it’s still within the window period, give it back, buy it again later. No charge back needed, there are other rules in the EU that supersede other rules.

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They wrote to my cousin back and gave him a coupon to compensate :slight_smile: thanks he his very happy :slight_smile:

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Can you share with us details? What was the coupon amount and what were the conditions? Was it an actual store credit for the difference equaling the price drop or was it a discount requiring you purchase something?

They just said that we where in the time span of the item bought, we bought it like 3 or 4 days before the price drop and they just said they will give us a 70$ canadian giftcard. thats about it

Are you satisfied with that deal? It doesn’t seem like they made you whole. It sounds to me like raw deal.

I would have expected at the least that they would have credited you the entire difference without strings attached. Unless I’m missing something. Instead, you have to buy more stuff and pay freight? Did I get this right?

This sound like a typical Bambu offer that they offered me last year when they released the P1S upgrade three days after I received the parts for the P1P upgrade. Ultimately, their offer was a shell game where I ended up giving Bambu $50 more for my inconvenience. In that incident, I was simply comparing the front and rear bezels between the P1S and P1P upgrade kits, but all they offered was a $50 discount on the $150 P1S kit, even though I had already paid for the P1P kit. The problem was that I had already received $100 worth of content in the original kit, but they couldn’t grasp that concept. I wasn’t looking for a freebie, just a fair exchange.

This is like when the airlines offer me a travel voucher. To which I usually respond:
OK… let me get this straight, you overbooked the flight and your solution to make me whole for my pain and suffering is to force me to fly on your airlines again? Then I have to pay full fair and then discount from there?

I mean… it’s not the same. At the time he/she bought it, it had that full price. They could have said no but since it was close to the price drop day, they said ok. They are being nice. And sorting out a partial refund seems harder for lots of companies. It’s either full or nothing. So you had to return it and buy it again. I’d have been happy with such a deal since everyone will buy spare parts and stuff at some point.


The math checks out.


We are very happy with the 70$ gift card discount,the price of 70$ is the difference we had to pay plus tax but I mean its all good, we also just need 60$ ca to get free shipping and we will still need filament or other stuff so yeah we think we are pretty good with this.

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