Print 5 colour model with AMSor manually via spool holder possible?


I wanted to print this:

Super Mario Logo Lightbox LED Lamp by braga3dprint - MakerWorld

I have one AMS (so only 4 colours) and want to know if its possible to print this(even if I have to change the filament spools manually) or not.

From what I understood is, that a layer based pause is possible, but multicolor in the same layer not.

Does anyone found a solution for that?

Thanks and best regards

I would print each colour seperately and then glue the parts together. This is faster and reduces the waste. For assembly I would print a single letter and see if it fits. If necessary scale the letter to 99%.
Manually changing a filament spool during print at each of the first four layers is too complicated for me.

Slice the files after you separate the colors to their respective plates (just add more plates) if you have an AMS do not do manual changes, its not worth the headache unless the filament can’t be used in it like if you are using Carbon Fiber embedded or TPU etc. Also you can change and tune the purge volumes to massively minimize waste, I’m down to less than a 1/8th of a cup for a 32 hr print, the fallacy that you will be wasteful isn’t true anymore

Hello @blecheimer @william.e.lewis464 ,

thank you very much for your tips, I followed your advice and printed one color separately, so that I already have an almost complete part.

However, I now have the problem that they don’t fit 100% and therefore light shines through very small gaps.

Do you have any tips on the best way to join the parts together? I’ve already tried using superglue and a soldering iron, but the edges are not clean and when the light from the LED shines on the elements from the inside, it doesn’t look good.

Thanks and best regards

You can rescale the letters so they fit tightly.