"Print all" button - what is the purpose?

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I tried to search online and here in forum, but I can’t find any info about “print-all” button in Bambu studio. When I use it to print on my A1 mini only one of the plates is printed (what else :grin:) and when it’s finished there is no message suggesting to print next plate or something. So what is it actually for? Is it for users with multiple mashines?

It’s easy to forget that this slicer was forked from Cura an Prusa Slicer. There are many, many … and I mean many, obsolete or Vestigial or irrelevant functions that during the porting process are simply left in because it makes debugging easier.

I investigated the Print-all function a while back because I too was curious. The sole reference that I saw that made any sense was for a belt driven printer such as this one from Creality. I’m sure there are more. But you can see the use case. If you have let’s say a large build with multiple plates, one could simply load up some larger spools(i.e. 5KG) and just walk away from the printer for extended periods of time and let the parts fall off into a collection bin.

Here’s the kick starter video from Internet Tech phenom Naomi Wu where she describes her use-case for adapting the CR-30.

Oh, ok. Thank you for your answer! Do you know or have an idea where (from which slicer) this function came from to Bambu studio?
I’m a co-developer of a plate swapping automation system called JobOx (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_94lo33rUQM) . We initially built it for Prusa printers but now we are developing also one for A1, so I got curious if this “belt functionality” is implemented in Bambu studio in some way.

Unfortunately I do not. However, if you’re motivated to find out and don’t mind going on an Indiana Jones archeological dig for previous context, I would start by posting this question on the Github repository for Orca Slicer which likely will have the most friendly environment.

You could also try Prusa Github or Cura Github discussion pages but both are sponsored by their commercial namesakes and you may find that they may not be as receptive or may view any outsider as not being in their best interests. Whereas Orca is a group of independent hobbyiest precisely looking for like-minded enthusiasts who want to extend the function of the slicer.

Thanks for the advice, Olias. I have had the same idea and already tried contacting SoftFever on Discord and posted a request in the dev community describing and illustrating some thoughts of a real “print all” implementation. Let’s see what feedback I get. I believe A1 with it comparably small build surface could benefit from automated plate swapping upgrade.

That would be a cool upgrade indeed. Yes, please share your progress, this is a genuinely interesting project. :+1:

Thank you, I will. :slight_smile:

you mean this?

Yes. In the meantime I found the difference between “send/print” and “send/print all”. Second will generate a 3mf with multiple gcodes inside while first option will only include current plate. However, it is not possible (at least not on my A1mini) choosing which plate I want print, even when “send all” was used . Only possible through a hack with some “magic words” (MQTT commands).

As far as I know when printing all plates, the printer prints the last plate. After finishing you press “again”(?) and the next plate is printed.

But very intuitive

Wow, this is weird ^^ Thanks for the hint!
Have you figured it out accidentally or have you found it in some official documentation? Because I haven’t found ANY info so fat. :S