Print fails on same high. Nozzle start hitting previous layers

Fails every print which have sufficient infill volume (more then walls) on same high, even changing layer high didnt change the high when issue appear. Nozzle start hitting and scratching previous layers and then stop push filament only move extruder but there are no clog . When i stop print and try manually push filament it flow freely. This issue apper on mono colour print too.


Try changing your infill to gyroid so it does not cross itself on the same layer creating bumps that stick up. I do not know why the default is grid. Every tall print I did when I got my printer failed until I learned about infill patterns.

I think the same way when try gyroid issue happen again thats why i try spiral infill. Then i try all infill type, and all fail. I even try change infill layer high, thats not help too.

The nozzle should not hit the infill with gyroid.
That leads me to suspect that something else is happening, such as curling edges, over-extrusion, etc.

Can you point out where the nozzle hits?
What percentage of infill are you using?

Judging from the pictures i think you are printing too fast for the flow to keep up with. Either lower the printing speed or increase the print temp. And either way double check you flow calibration

Nozzle hits only infill walls, when printing without infill, it print good.
15% infill

it’s standart profile for printing from bambu. But i try printing while decrease "max volumetric speed’ from standart 21 to 10 and it’s not help
flow calibration use automatic
in filament setting 0.98 flow ratio, k - factor 0.2

Change filament from bambu PLA to generic PLA and its help.

I doubt that was actually the solution. I would clean the Z-Axis rods vigorously and relubricate them, your bed might be getting stuck at some point due to debris or damage.