"Print Profiles lacking images will be placed at the end of the list"

Makerworld stated on the 23rd of October, in relation to print profiles without printed pictures: “After these 10 days, in the interest of fairness and transparency, Print Profiles lacking actual print images will be automatically placed at the end of the list on model pages…”

When are you planning to actually implement this? It has been over 10 days since this message was sent out. Was this just an empty threat from Bambu Labs?

Afaik this is implemented, just a lot of people who clicked the “This print profile passed my print test.
I have uploaded photos of my printed model to the photo list to show its printability.” checkbox without actually including a photo as proof, I would expect. I guess you could just report them all and have them taken down completely.

You can see it in action here:

Even your profile :wink:

Although I don’t know how the designer removes these profiles, “If you discover that tested print profiles are actually not tested (e.g., using other people’s pictures), you can report the print profile and we will deal with it as soon as possible.”
Do I literally have to report the ■■■■? Cant I just get a button to do it for me?

Edit: I reported them all, maybe you’ll get a handfull more downloads now.

You can click on the three dots on the untested profile to take them to private

That seem to have worked, at least for some, guess the ones who didn’t check that checkbox. Still have some untested profiles but reported them. Thanks

Many of the profiles I see are spam, uploaded only in the hope of accumulating points. Especially those declared “fast”, which almost always take longer than the original model to be printed…
I have some of these useless profiles in my templates, almost always tagged as “tested” and with MY photos uploaded. Then if you go and check the authors they have uploaded hundreds of them…

So I decided to include this sentence in the description of my works:
Warning: before before downloading and printing SPAM profiles, check that when ★ 𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐭 is written it is really faster and not 30% slower at printing. Also make sure it was actually printed and that the photo used is not a copy of the print from the original profile!

If they are set as tested and they only have uploaded your photo as “print proof” you need to report them.