Print Prusament PLA faster?

Hi all,
I have been printing with my P1P for a while and am super happy with the results and the speed. So far, I have encountered almost no issues. Recently, I bought some Prusament PLA (galaxy black) and discovered a small issue.

At first I used the “Generic PLA” filament profile and standard speed settings to print and noticed that the parts came out with a very rough surface that appears rather matte compared to the example images of prusament PLA I could find online. Notice the almost diagonal pattern on the surface.

Appart from the aesthetics I have some applications such as 3D printed gears which require a smoother surface for better friction properties.
I then noticed on another part that the expected surface finish appeared on a section of the part (I hope its visible on the image):

After some investigation in the slicer I observed that the speed is significantly slowed down due to short layer times in the shaft section of the part:

The print speed in the pink section of the part is 28 mm/s. I can achieve the desired results by slowing down the outer wall speed to <30 mm/s but this drastically increases the print times for larger models. For example I printed the same part again with outer wall speed at 30 mm/s and observed this satisfying result:

Thus my question: Does anybody know a way to maintain the sort of glossy surface finish that results at low print speeds at higher print speeds?

I already tried increasing the print temperature by up to 20°C but it didn’t noticeably change the print quality at higher speeds. I also tried the tuned PLA profile I found at (Printables), but it also did not solve the problem with the surface finish.
According to the prusa knowledge base It should be possible to print prusament with up to 25 mm3/s MVS (Max volumetric speed | Prusa Knowledge Base).

I appreciate any insights you might have on printing prusament faster. Thank you very much.

I’ve printed Galaxy Black on my X1C and it looked great. As with all matte/silk filaments, surface finish changes with temp and speed. Have you tried just selecting one of the Bambu presets and see what it does?

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What @holmes4 said. Run it slower or hotter. The one good portion of the part in the pic may have been an area that it ran slower or stayed hotter because of lower layer times from the smaller surface area.

Hey @holmes4, thanks for your response. May I ask which settings/profile you used to achieve good results with the Galaxy Black PLA?
Would an auxiliary fan enable faster printing speeds?

I don’t recall using anything special - just the Generic PLA preset with the volumetric max set at 17.

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Surface finish is different because material flows differently when extruded at different speeds. If you like the look of the lower-speed prints, why not just lower the outer shell’s speed so that it’s “slow” for the whole print? If you enable ‘advanced’ settings, on the Speed tab, under “Other layers speed” set outer wall speed, e.g. to 35 mm/s instead of 200 mm/s. You might need to try different speeds to find where the speed gives you the quality you’re looking for with this filament.

Having trouble with the PLA (just prusament green) What setting do you use? right now I’ve selected generic pla (65 temp bed and 220 temp nozzle) and even first layer wont stick.

I know MandicReally tested flow rate of prusament recently and its was under 20, 18 or 19 I think on the stock hotend,