Print Quality of the A1 [After Bed Change]

So yesterday i changed my old heated with the new heated and I’ve seem to noticed that the new prints coming of from the printer seem to be lower quality then the heated that i used before. I will look deeper into the belts and lubrication, but not long ago i did lubricate the x axis so it shouldn’t be that since its doing great. However i haven’t lubricated the Y axis and i will look further into that. Anyone had their print quality downgrade after the bed change?

Thanks for sharing.
Can you be more specific about what you noticed regarding the quality drop?

I assume you did re-calibrate the printer.


Hey Jay Zay, yes i did recalibrate my A1 right after i did the bed replacement, not only that but i also did the bed tramming

As you can see i just printed this and i was surprised by the huge layer shift


And from what i thinked happened is that i changed the speed during printing from standard to sport mode and i changed it back to standard, but that shoukd cause an issue this all happened after doing the new heatbed replacement

You should really tram the new bed especially if you’re seeing a degradation in print quality.

Bambu do a nice guide for it. A1 Bed Tramming | Bambu Lab Wiki

Done this twice, when i replace it and literally i had done it just now!

The other thing to check would be to put a straight edge (steel ruler) across the bed at various angles to make sure it’s flat. Creality Enders are renowned for having warped beds over time which needs shimming. Auto bed levelling can only help so much.

i also experience layer shifts with the new bed/firmware

  • warping on edges on objects hat printed perfectly before

i calibrated the bed twice and with a ruler it looks also flat, something has changed and causing that defects now

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Ye no kidding! but today i just turned my printer on and it got an update from bambulab. The update is said to improve “Printing Stability” as you can see from the image. i am currently printing right now, but a couple of prints the layer lines were visible. so ye i think they need to update a few more times to get it back to original working condition just like it did out of the box.
Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 19.29.30

I`ve had no issues with print quality.

i guess it happens to most of us, im still testing mine

printed my part again with the new firmware 3 times today
2 of three have layershifts
1 is perfect

clueless :smiley:

on the black gray benchie there a few shifts, and i dont mean the speed changes
the blue robot looks perfect

cannot attach pictures, dont know why :smiley:

Hi I have noticed a slight degrade at times , put a themometer in room and when room gets about 21 quality seems effected…opened a window and seem ok now …what i have also noticed is when nozzel goes into cleaning mode at beggining of print it does not seem to rub over the buffer like it did on old bed , i could physically hear it before and now cant hear it rubbing . have changed buffer to the new one that came with printer but this is the same ? ANY IDEAS?

I don”t really know about the temp but i can assure you as of now printing quality has decreased even though they opted for a new update. And it is noted that what you say might be true, my printers build plate seems to be wearing off more than it is normally, even showing the metal under the plated heatbed