Print Settings for NinjaTek Chinchilla TPE 75A

Does anyone have a working set of filament parameters for the Chinchilla TPE 75A filament, on the X1C?
Found some comments scattered on reddit - but they are all over the map: ie use 10mm/s speed, then no wait, use 40!.. or… use 0.5 volumetric speed. then no, wait, use 2.8!..
And all the comments provide incomplete information.
So far, i’ve reduced the tension on the print-head feeder drive - which helped against the filament getting squished out the side and in between the gears.

The filament extrudes out, but printing is 80-90% inconsistent.

Has anyone figure out a full set of parameters that work?

If you want to try my new TPU 85A Settings now that I had time to use the X1 with TPU

How to Print 85A TPU on the X1

awesome - thanks for sharing!!!
i’m going to give that a shot, and tweak with it this weekend


How has it gone. Any luck printing?

Not yet.
I got busy with some other projects and hadn t got to this yet. Hoping for this week to start the tests

Any updates to this? Needing to get this set up and don’t care to burn half a roll on tests given the cost.

Since no one anywhere seems to know how to print this I wanted to post what I’ve done with reasonable success so far. I’m a rookie at this form of printing so I hesitate to claim which of these settings (or all) that I’ve changed are getting these results. Either way it’s better when what others are reporting.

If you think you know how to improve this PLEASE let us all know.

*These settings are no where near what the manufacturer suggested.

0.4 Nozzle
Textured PEI Plate, no glue needed.

Filament Settings:

X1-E Settings:

Observations and comments:
I seemed to have the most success widening the Line Width. I have not put a calipers on it yet to validate the width. My understanding is this was a method of pushing more material (IDK). What happened previous to this is it would leave considerable gaps between paths.

Wall overlap seemed to be a critical adjustment as well.

Additionally raising the nozzle temp quite a bit helped. It is probably close to the maximum before negatively impacting.

Going exceeding slow was my last recourse and I had to drop it all the way to 5.

The first layer prints pristine and every layer after looks a little worse with the same settings, I do not understand why.

I would like to push material faster but I don’t know how, everything I read regarding Max Volumetric Speed and Flow Ratio.

Running a hotter bed was a mistake and unnecessary. It will permanently attach to the plate. It may be able to run even colder.

The spool needs to be on very smooth bearings to roll. There may be a tension screw internally that can be adjusted to help, I did not want to mess with this.

This parts will curl (upwards in my case) if not supported.