Print temperature should adjust if flow is low to avoid extruder clogs

Having had 7 extruder clogs over 900 hours I now have two main theories as to why they occur.

  1. The heat sink + cooling fan are not sufficient enough to seperate the hot zone to the cool zone.
  2. Bambu default printing profile temps are suited to printing at 0.16mm layer heights and up with long fast extrusion lines. If printing at lower layer heights and smaller detailed prints the default print temp does not change but flow easily from 22mm3/s to 6.5mm3/s which i beleive causes heat creep and subsequent extruder jams… ABS and other filaments shoulded be printed so hot if flow is so low… you control the hardware and software so implementing this shouldn’t be too difficult.

very frustrating please resolve
0.08mm layer height profile

0.28mm layer height profile