Printer bed crashes against lower end of Z-axis

Experienced a strange error today.

The print bed was still very close to the bottom of the Z area from the last print yesterday. When starting a new print this morning, the print bed moves down a bit (as it always does). But when the end of the axis is reached the movement does NOT stop and tries to continue spinning at full power with terrible squeaks and crashes.

Is there no limit switch for this case?

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This is considered normal, the stepper motors are tolerant to stall. The noise can be annoying and I heard this was solved with the last firmware update but have not had a chance to test yet, is your printer up to date?

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Not fixed on the P1P after printing a vase I normally remove it then home it’s the only current fix I know of

All sw is up to date.
In future I will do a homing after the print has finished.

@BambuLap guys
Just avoiding to move the print bed downwards before a new print start would help a lot.

The noise it makes is the worst of it. Steppers are designed to stall. Kill the power if it continues for more than maybe 5-10 seconds since the motor will overheat when stalled, otherwise you can ignore. The steppers on my CNC mill make a sound that’s like fingernails on a blackboard when they stall. We should be happy the printers only “growl”. :slight_smile: