Printer drives nozzle into heatbed after bed leveling error

Today I wanted to print some parts in PETG-CF and after the printer loaded the filament from the AMS the “poop” got stuck on the nozzle, because of that the bed leveling failed. I got an error because of the failed bed leveling and an error because it couldn’t see the lidar laser because of the poop. So far so good. I removed the poop, cleaned the nozzle and started the print again. After cleaning the nozzle in the back the printer went to the right side to calibrate the Lidar, after that it tried to scan the QR-Code on the plate, but on the way over it crashed into the bed hard, destroying the surface. I aborted the print, homed the machine and ran the print job again, same behavior. I then turned off the machine and ran the print again, now it is working perfectly fine. There seems to be a bug in the firmware of the printer after a failed bed leveling which leads to this behavior.
Has anyone experienced something similar?

Ouch. I’ve never had a bed levelling failure but from now on I’ll never resume one if it happens. Better to cancel and start over from scratch just like for QR failures discussed in the other thread. Edit: No this is worse, I take it the safest would be to power cycle the printer and home it without a plate (or with a scratch plate).

Yes, I would recommend to power-cycle it, because the hotend was destroyed as well.

I did open a new support ticket, let’s see what they can diagnose based on the log file.