Printer Hour Meter?

Looking for anyone that knows of a way to find a printers run time or total print hours. I’d like to try and balance the run time between my printers but cant find anything that would hint to hours used. They monitor runtime for maintenance reminders so its definitely already there. Just need access to it.

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There is a built in hour timer, it’s just kind of hidden. You can find it under the General info tab and then by selecting “Device Info”


beat me to it :slight_smile:, it would be hand if we could pull the device info through Bambu Studio as well.


Ah, yeah there it is… haha. Should of poked at it longer. Just expected it to be under the general tab like I’d find on other types of machines. Seems silly to hide it under another tap but that’s okay.

I agree It would be nice to see it on the slicer as well since I don’t use the printers physical interface very often. Seems like forever since I’ve had to do the SD card shuffle with my old MK3’s :laughing:

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Totally agree. It should be front and center and easily accessible.

My old printer and slicer had all sorts of info/stats built in to their software. It was kinda cool to see.

But that all being said, this printer’s usage has been exactly 0 minutes since I got the X1C, so I give Bambu Lab a pass on this for now. Hopefully they’ll build out something cool like this eventually.


Not exactly what you are asking, but you can use that to track / monitor the time spent on prints (but not the total running time (= when the printer is powered), as this information (among a few other ones) are not published at this time by the printer).


Anyone know if there is a way to track this on the P1P? Asking for a friend. (I have X1C)


Something i don’t understand, when we check the counter under “device info”, does it show the time spent on prints or the total running time when the printer is powered ?
Because, i don’t really care about time when the printer is powered, i’m interested in seeing the print time, for maintenance.
If someone knows about it.

I think the hours on my printer would be much higher if it counted all powered time. I do think it counts time spent using the X1C as a filament dryer.

It should be easy enough to note the recorded hours, leave the printer on but idle for a few hours and then check the hour meter again.

If you use Home Assistant you could use a template-sensor, I use this code for my P1S. The printer already ran like 10 hours but just today I came up with this idea.

  - platform: history_stats
    name: printer operating history
    entity_id: your.printer
    state: "running"
    type: time
    start: "{{ now().replace(hour=0, minute=0, second=0) }}"
    end: "{{ now() }}"

then create a utility meter which pulls the data from your history_stats sensor. I used h (hours) as the tariff inside the utility-meter.

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Is this yet possible (see the printer total hours from bambu studio) ?