Printer in different subnet of the same LAN

I have my Bambu X1C in a separate VLAN/subnet, dedicated for all Internet of Things devices. It is on purpose, to separate my computers from devices like printers, smart TVs, etc. However in this setup my printer is not discovered by Bambu Studio on my computer (no surprise).

Is there a way to define printer IP address in Bambu Studio, as LAN discovery will obviously not work between separated networks? or what other solution can I use? maybe like proxying mDNS protocol or something to make inter-vlan discovery possible?

Note: I have proper routing and full connectivity between both subnets. Connectivity is not my issue. Just discovery is not working.


I wish there was this option to put an IP, but not right now. Bambu Lab does networking through their ridiculous encrypted networking plugin. Instead you can enable SSDP multicast/broadcast across the two networks in the router for the discovery to work. It’s UDP 1990/2021

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I will certainly give it a try. Thanks!

This is a big freature request by many, sure they are working on it. Stay tuned to release info i guess.

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If they would add possibility to specify local printer IP in Bambu Studio that would be the best and would solve all connectivity issues. So simple to do anyways. I’m so disappointed that it is not an option yet - obviously not all LANs are simple one VLAN / broadcast domain setup.

See this gross workaround. It’s unsatisfying, but it does work.

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