Printer is hitting infill while printing cubic infill at speed

Just started a large print and the printer was hitting the infill as it printed.

Because I cant embed videos yet due to the atrocious way the newcomers system is setup on this form here is a google drive link to the video: IMG_5987.MOV - Google Drive

Im using the Strength 0.2mm print profile with the print infill changed to cubic. Is this normal?

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Print in Gyroid to avoid that issue.
Just make sure your bed is clean cuz’ your machine gonna shake.

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So it is normal for the infills that intersect to sound and vibrate like that?

What are your retraction settings ? (See printer–extruder)


Cubic infill (like grid infill and others) crosses itself on the same layer, creating high spots at the intersections. Its a particular problem on larger prints since the first line laid down has more time to cool and harden before the crossing line can hit it. On small prints the nozzle is usually moving slower and might even be able to melt its way through the warm line it is crossing.

I use Gyroid infill for most prints. Other non-crossing infills are Rectilinear, Line, Concentric, Honeycomb, Hilbert Curve, Archimedean Chord, and Octogram Spiral.


would rectangular infill help too? gyroid takes much longer time compare to others though

Rectilinear would help, I think that is the term Studio uses for rectangular infill.