Printer Logs

After trying EVERY solution in the forums to get this janky ass AMS to retract filament properly, I am going to turn to support. I am unable to submit a ticket though because I am required to upload my printer logs. After finding the logs (with no help from Bambu) the support page does not upload the file and will not accept my support request. Any help?

This is relatively easy one. If you know how to FTP to your printer(LAN-only mode) you can pull the log files from the two directories, “Corelogger” and “Logger”.

But assuming you do not have access to FTP or that you’re going through Handy over the Cloud, Simply pop out the SD card and copy the most recent files directing from the SD and attach them to your trouble ticket.

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I wish it were that easy. I have the log file copied to my desktop (Mac). When I try to upload it, it fails and tells me I have to upload a log file. see photos.

Aha! Thanks for the help. The files on the SD card are different than the log files that get stored locally to your computer. I was able to copy a file from the SD card and get it to upload.


I don’t see any debug files on the SD card in the logger folder, I see these and these don’t allow me to submit the ticket to get help with my failed AMS lite.

If you need to submit a ticket, just attach the last .log file from the logger folder on the SD card and the system will accept your ticket.

If they force me to upload the log from the printer, it should also be accessible via the network. Or can I pull it out during printing? This getting the log files is terrible !