Printer quality

Since I installed AMS at my P1P(P1S kit installed) yesterday I have been getting this issue with the print. BambuLab PLA Matte, I did try a different color(white) same results

I have done manual flow calibrations. Could it be the AMS or filament needs drying?

head 220 bed 65 normal speed BambuStudio slicer SW used the Bambu slicer settings for the filament

FYI I am new on 3D printing world

Edit. I added the printing pictures… I used support and setting was standard 0.20 setting from Bambu slicer for bambulab PLA Matte filament and added support Door was opened and top was off

Did you use supports for the overhang? It may print better on its side also. Looks like only 2 less drastic overhangs on its side.

Are you using support on the overhangs (the parts that don’t touch the built plate)? Printing overhangs great than a 45 degree angle are hard for printers as the plastic has much less area to be deposited on. A lower layer height can help but it isn’t a cure. Curved overhangs (like in your part) are the hardest to print because the start of the curve is almost horizontal to the build plate but not touching it. Using support can help but your print quality will never be on par with the rest of the print. Most prints are designed with this in mind and use chamfers on overhangs (angles) instead of fillets (rounded corners).


You might succeed at printing very ambitious unsupported overhangs by keeping your environment as cool as possible. For PLA the door and top lid should be open anyway, in addition to that you might want to get the Cool Plate plus glue stick and try printing at night, when your room temperature is lowest.

You didn’t say what layer height you were printing.
Curved surfaces on the bottom of a print should be avoided whenever possible. Supports don’t help much either. The only thing that works is adaptive layer heights try using a min layer of 0.08 mm to smooth put those bottom curves and maybe up to 0.24 for the vertical parts of the print. When the first 3 layers are printing the outer borders of each layer are further away from each other than the width of the extruded material. Using the thinnest layers there will make the loops closer and they’ll stick to each other better.

I have added the picture that shows the support… I did enable support

I had the door and top off and support enabled I have added the pics to show how it was printed

You are learning, change support type paint on supports for the handle only, you’ll learn where the critical area’s are when looking at models as you learn the quarks of the machine, and its settings. Leave the rotation as is