Problem printing multiple tall object

Hello everyone,
This is my first message, I’m a very beginner in 3d printing, so please forgive me if I’m making stupid errors :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve a problem printing multiple tall objects (legs for a modular board game table) in something like 10-11 hour print overnight
For the second time, the following has happen:

Always at around 95% of the print

I used SUNLU PLA+ and strong hair spray to glue

What could be the problem? Small brim? Plate temperature? Bad filament? Too long print?
Now I’m trying to print only one leg.

Thank you for your replies!


Its a shame, your quality looks good before it went stupid. Hard to tell, did it come loose from the plate? For tall prints (all prints for that matter) change your default infill to Gyroid as a general rule. Did you have the door closed and lid on, you may also have had a minor nozzle clog and its once its skipped a row its not going to recover.

Thank you for your reply…
At a certain moment the whole object detached from the plate, in both prints I tried
I always print with door closed and lid on.
I just tried with a larger brim and a single object and everything looks good:

When I print multiple objects should I leave spaces between their brim? Or can I merge the brims?

Now I’m going to try with 3 objects

Thank you,

If it came loose, I suspect it was the Grid infill, only takes one rub at that height to skittle the rest. There is no problem with brims touching. BL recommends door open or lid off with PLA, if your chamber temp is getting up past 35c there could be issues with clogging.

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Oh, I’ve completly missed that advice from BL! ok now I opened the door and used gyroid infill, I will report when the 3x object has completed/faulted :smiley:
Thank you

3x objects ends faulty at 97% :

the object in front of the others, started to swing, when the nozzle passed, and then fell.
so I stopped the printing.

could it be the bed leveling?

or something related to the z axis? now I tried to recalibrate the printer and bed level before launching the print 3x

Any idea?

What size of “Brim-object gap” are you using?


I have Italian version, but should be: Outer and inner brim

The last the print was terminated with success

Maybe that it was only bad calibration, but I had to change the filament in the middle (same filament different color)

Tonight I’ll try with five

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Last print looks good.

I think that the big problems were:

  • First print 12x with door closed and too small brim fail
  • one object fell under the bed and maybe it does something with the bed level

Now after recalibration, and gyroid infill everything seems good

Thanks for your support!


Nailed it, they worked out good and the quality :+1:

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Hi, I have the same problem as you. So, the solution is recalibration and gyroid infill, right? Do you print with the door open or closed? And what are your fan settings?

Thanks in advance!