Problem with AMS

Hey there!

I have a little problem with AMS.
There have been a couple of times now that the thread has gotten stuck in position 1, when AMS has had to change to a thread from another position. This happened when the reel of 1 place ran out. Has Sunlu somehow changed the winding on the spools so that the thread gets stuck at the end.
This has not happened in other places.
Both times the thread is Sunlu PLA+ black.

Thanks for the answers

Something you should ask Sunlu?


Not on mine but I suspect it’s random depending on who started the reel or where it was sourced. I just emptied a spool about an hour ago and it took the end to about 3" from the extruder. It knew the spool was empty but didn’t go to the Auto Spool because the print was finished. I had to flush old filament before it would load the next spool. It tried several times to load the Auto Spool. That’s when I noticed the remnants left just before the extruder.