Profile Uploading is failing due to a false error

As a test I have created two new .3mf files with] completely stock profile settings, stock device settings, and stock filament settings - both are being rejected.

P1S and A1Mini.


As a further test a profile that I uploaded earlier today is now being rejected. Seems to be a difference before-and-after the outage today?

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i thought i was getting it wrong, i tried to upload my file li 30 times.

I had this a number of times with a “custom” filament profile (no gcode changes, but temp sets changed). I tried a number of times before I scrubbed them and left the basic profile on and it uploaded. Your Bambu basic should be ok though, thats weird. Before my previous event, I got the “we’ve stripped gcode” because I had changed the P3 chamber on all my filaments.

This is happening to me too. I tried to just update the description on one of my profiles, but it failed with this error. I tried uploading a fresh print profile too, checking to make sure everything was clean, and got the same error.

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I’m currently experiencing the same error, very frustrasting!

Same here. Can’t seem to upload any print profile anymore… Does this have to do with the “Degraded performance” makerworld is experiencing right now?

Same issue here. Verified all settings are set to default.

Tried different models all failing with “Failed Not allowed to upload a 3mf file that contains custom printer/process types or filament types”

Seems BL servers are down, just switched to LAN mode to continue printing …
The cloud is DOWN

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…the world is down!

I am with you.

Not the day to be printing.

Oh, well, I should have came here before trying to upload, edit to change a setting, save, reupload a model and fail for 11 times.

Maybe it has something to do with the release of the Bambu studio update?

It absolutely has to do with that update

It is working again… In another thread, @Tanklet mentioned that it was fixed now.
Just verified that it does indeed :slight_smile:


It’s still happening to me. Profile after profile all settings at default. @Tanklet any insight?

Could you share with me your 3mf file?
I will try to reproduce the issue.