Public Beta - - Issues?

I recently updated sometime the morning of 5/14/24 and didn’t note the version number. But I’d like to state it completely ruined further prints the moment after updating/upgrading to the beta version on the A1 Mini.

  • Out the box since (5/7/24) not a single issue and printed flawless on the full release 01.02 firmware.

  • Latest (5/14/24) beta ? v 01.03 ? failures across the board from bed leveling, build plate adhesion, mishoming, extruder clog…

I’ll happily advise against the latest public beta A1 Mini firmware update and please use caution, I even did due process and power cycled, calibration, test print which failed upon failure and I then became confident this was the issue due to beta firmware. I’ll update in the morning after running the tests back on previous full release (current) firmware v 01.02 but I’d say it went from ( 0/15 print fails since 5/7/24 ) to ( 8/10 fails 5/14/24 ) immediately following the update.


  • I reverted back to previous firmware

Just updated an hour ago, first PETG print worked fine with none of your issues. Beta


Wow, well good to know it might be contained. First [Red Flag] was when I first seen the update notification via [Handy App] I chose to update from there as I was away from work.

When I got back it apparently failed which I power cycled and continued to update from the machine directly since it brought up the notification as well which passed that time and I continued with another power cycle - full calibration - test print sequence…

Everything had failed since which is what brought me here and had me revert back firmware. I’ll update later in the morning.

I hadn’t seen any news of the beta so asked upstairs and got an answer back it was ok to run. I’ve seen what happened recently with fw’s in between beta’s on the X1 and how muddled that was so decided to ask for news.

So far it has gone ok, I’m keen to see the adaptive mesh they’re introducing as I used to love the Klipper one. Just running a ludicrous benchy and it actually tested bed around the model, seems good.

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Could you please post the specifications on the latest Beta version? I didn’t see anything either since I haven’t updated to the latest studios either

where you find it? I cannot find it bambu wiki.

The FW release note was from Studio, I haven’t seen any other info to date. Was a bit cautious installing it but there is a 50/50 chance it’ll work ok so far :rofl:

I reverted back, exited the beta program. Then printed a few test models and seems to be good again. Looks like issue was somehow the head didn’t fully engage when cutting the filament so it went to cut then rapid moved back to purge wiper and AMS started to pull but no worky then alarmed out.

I joined again but it was very suspicious… I bought 1 mini on 5/7/24… now I have 2 more coming tomorrow 5/17/24… lol

Ok I’ve only done single colour today so far, I’ll do a multi later on and check