Purchase advice: What options/extra's to order?

I am considering to purchase a P1S + AMS shortly, and would like to know what extra’s I must order with the machine, and what is advisable to have as a spare.
I have a few years experience with a simple machine, and have had very few problems or defects, so I have little idea what I must expect from a Bambu…

You can print pretty much anything with the stock P1S but if you’re going to print abrasive, engineering type materials I suggest buying a hardened extruder (gears only or X1C complete assembly, both require you to do some tinkering but not hard) and also a hardened nozzle in whatever size you’re likely to use. 0.4mm is a good all-rounder. Get the complete assembly. You shouldn’t need to replace the hardened nozzle for a very long time.
I don’t know what plate the P1S comes with but you’ll want an engineering/high temperature one and possibly a textured PEI.
For spares you should really only need some cutting blades.
Postage and pricing is very fair and they usually have a good supply of spares available, so if you don’t buy the spares straight away, you’ll have ample time after you’ve got the machine.
And plenty of filament. You don’t need to buy the BBL filament but it will make things easier at the start, especially with the AMS.

To be honest, if you print non abrasive materials. You are fine, i personally wouldnt order anything. Only thing i bought was another build plate for 15€ of Ali, stick a bit better then the PEI one.

Coming from an Ender experience it took me a little bit to get used to pressing the go button and having the thing work. I ordered extra nozzle and the PEI Gold plate but honestly think if theres a budget consideration, go for filament. Get a few spools to get you going, use the membership deal once its active. The trick I reckon is to avoid the trap to print every mod first up, even the poopchute is a gimmick. Grab models that fit your passion, theres so much out there. Edit. Dawn dish soap!!!

Thank all of you, @RMB ,@Waschdl , @LaterRon for your input.
It sounds pretty much like, you don’t need anything now, just get it when you need it.
I do not plan on printing anything abrasive, may be just occasionally TPU (yes, without the AMS I know) , and should perhaps order an 0.6 mm nozzle, for when I want to go even faster :rofl:
Thanks again.