Purge line drags back through blob

The last thing my X1-C does before it starts printing, is to print the purge line in the right rear corner of the print bed. I print with PETG and it is known to ooze, it’s just a fact. However, the printer starts this purge line, prints across, over and back, and returns to the start right before it starts printing.

Since PETG oozes, it leaves a blob where it starts. Then it prints the purge line around the back corner and comes right back through the blob at the start. The nozzle nearly always picks up a piece of the blob and deposits it in my print somewhere.

It seems like it should simply end this purge line about 10mm before where it currently ends, and it not go back through this blob and leave it somewhere in my print.

This seems like an easy fix.

Print a single brim line before the print starts, this will help remove any filament build up.

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As said by RMB , print a brim, I find printing a a line or two at a distance of 0.3 works for me

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I will try using brim lines. That makes sense. Thanks!