Ran out of filament

I was doing a print in my p1s and I ran out of filament. I’ve done this before and it’s easy I just put a new one in the ams and it’s starts right up and continues where it left off. The problem now is I don’t have an extra spool of that and have to wait until the one I ordered gets here in a couple days. I don’t want to turn off the printer and lose my place and ruin the print I started but I’m worried it might be bad for the printer to stay in with the fan running for days. Does anyone have any helpful tips in this or do you all think it’s ok to keep it on. Thanks

If you lower the hot end temperature down manually to 35 then the hot end fan may switch off once the temp gets below 49 - or if not you can turn it off yourself and turn it back on and put the temp back up when you want to restart.

I presume as it’s a P1P that you are printing on a plate that needs heat (like the textured plate) otherwise the part will move and your print will be ruined.

I tend to use the cool plate for very long prints - as in that case you can happily turn the whole printer off or at least leave it on with no heating happening for a very long time for things like overnight pauses.

I have the p1s and it’s on the textured engenering plate


Please elaborate. I don’t really understand what the “lowered down in Z to the height” means. How do you lower the print down in Z? Thanks

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To lower the model in Z height use the “Move” button on the top toolbar or press “M” for the keyboard shortcut.

Then drag the blue arrow down or key in the height you want.