Start/stop printing at specified layers

Stop height has been requested before. I will add that being able to start at a layer height other than zero would be helpful for certain applications. This feature is found in a few other slicers such as Simplify3d.


Sorry thought you wanted to pause. I see you want to start at another layer. Nope. No idea on that one. Not sure what the use case is, but i’m sure there is one! good luck.

On the Prepare screen, you can Cut at a specific height, and choose to keep either the top or bottom, or create separate parts:

If you don’t know the exact height, slice the full model and move the layer slider. It will show the layer number and the height at that layer, so you can go back and enter the correct height in mm.

Here, layer 44 is at 8.80 mm.

The default cut is a horizontal plane, but the cut plane can also be moved and rotated. I’ve no clue what “Add connectors” does.

I’ve cut models so I can test settings for particular problem areas without printing the entire model. I suppose if you don’t mind using some glue, part of a model could be cut off and the separate parts rearranged to eliminate the need for supports. There are probably other uses.


You can also use the move function to sink the model into the plate. It will only print what is above the plate so you can start at any layer. The most convenient way to stop is to add a pause at whatever layer and then just stop the print when it pauses. I too use this to test certain parts of a model.

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Thanks all for the comments.

@TimMeade There are instances where I would like to be able to print on top of other materials, or change the printing method at different heights, say from normal printing to vase mode, e,g.

@ikraus @azCubs76 These methods force the printed object to start on the bed, rather than starting above the bed.

Agreed, it’s an edge case, but one that has occasionally been useful.

Any new on this ? I’m also in a situation where it would have been nice to have that.

Printer failed to change filament at the very last layer, I needed to intervene, the object is still on the bed, if I could have simply told the printer to start from the last layer so I won’t need to reprint everything.


Another option is to remove the part and reslice with the part lowered down in Z to the height that the first print failed at. Once the print completes you glue the two parts together. I’ve save a good number of parts like this on previous printers.


Hi. I would like to know how I can pause the print at a specific layer so that I can change the filament. I do not have AMS but I want to use this feature for keychains that I make. More specifically, I have a flower, and the middle needs to be a different colour. But I have no idea how to stop the print to change filament.

Thank you

Did you found a solution? iam in the same situation… thanks Harry

To change colors at a specific layer, slice the model, use the slider on the right to go to the correct layer, right click the slider to Add Pause, and change the filament. A more detailed description is here.

At one time this created a layer shift, but I think that has been corrected in recent versions of Studio. If not, Add Custom G-code instead of a pause:

M400 U1 ;pause
G28 X ;home

This is only practical for a color change on an entire layer. I don’t know of a reasonable way to use multiple colors on the same layer without an AMS.


For an unknown reason the colour in my multicolour print is lost when I use the cut function.

This worked for me! Thanks