RANT: P1P decided to go loopy. Over 2 hrs wasted to recover

I’m sharing this story simply to provide yet another place for folks to share their experiences when Internet connectivity does not work and how at least I was able to remedy it - or at least I think I did.

TLDR; It was the SD card that was the culprit. The symptoms were a boot loop that would not stop even after power cycling. Swapping the card fixed the issue, and putting the faulty card back in caused it to repeat. Reformatting the faulty card remedied the situation too.




Chalk this up to yet another occasion where Bambu’s firmware just isn’t up to the task. Every other embedded system in the industry would at least give an error message or at least some ‘blinky’ lights, not P1 customers, you can go take a hike.

Thinking that this is not going to be fun and knowing that Bambu Support is about as effective as a screen door on a submarine, I resign myself to the fact that it’s up to me to fix this. That’s where my beef is. With Bambu acting like their technology was inside of KGB headquarters, they provide zero method of self diagnosis and this has been my major grievance and why their perception across the web is one of the evil empire. I mean if your going to be dicks about customer service then let us fix our own ■■■■!!! But noooo… the smarter-than-everyone-in-the-room folks at Bambu Labs know better.

Over the next two hours I wasted countless effort having to rebind the printer to Handy and getting it to reconnect. I used all the tricks, separate router, separate LAN, I even used my personal cell phone… no-dice!!! Don’t even talk about restoring LAN-only mode. That took yet another day.

Eventually I got it all to spontaneously work through random efforts working blindly because there is NO DIAGNOSTICS!!! What bothers me is the fact that I still don’t know why it would not bind and why it was fixed. My theory is that I have been offline with Handy for over 9 months now using LAN-Only mode, and perhaps that caused some issues. I was forced to upgrade the app, by the way.

Now I am a relatively technical guy having grown up with and designed and marketed and yes, sometimes soldered my own tech into submission. But if I can’t figure this stuff out on my own, what is a poor user without these skills expected to do? Send an email and maybe in 10 or 15 days get sent back a “You’re obviously to stoooopid to not read this FAQ so here’s the link”?

As has been stated here in these threads by so many for so long, all we are asking for are some simple things. Here’s my top list.

  1. Allow us to manually set up IP configuration information.
  2. Give us a couple of simple tools such as PING and TRACERT inside the printer. That’s not hard, the source code is all over the net.
  3. Give us SSH and a diagnostic portal so we can diagnose problems on our own.
  4. Give us the ability to read the damned diagnostic logs and provided a legend of what they mean dammit!!! Is this so hard? There’s no cost to that, pixels on a screen are free!!!

OK Rant over… if you made it this far, thanks for indulging me. :rofl::yum:

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