Rating a project

I would like to give a ratings (stars) to projects or files I have used/printed. But I did not manage to do it directly in the project comment area (I can write but not rate there) in my browser.
The only way to do so is in my iphone app and only for projects that have been printed with their original names.
Did I overlook something? Or is it not possible?

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in here go to profile then go to ratings like on the pic

Still not possible unless you printed it directly from “Open in Bambu Studio” and are not configured LAN-Only.
If you’re Lan-only: Nope
If you downloaded it and saved it to a different name before printing: Nope

It’s a super-cheesy way to try making ratings “Bambu only”, and frankly, is a big turn-off.

So I can download a project, change all the stuff on the plates, print a 1x1mm box and then can rate that (although i did not print a single piece) as long as I did not change the name? Ridiculous.

Yes that is strange, I change to ABS and print by object in different colours and it allows me to rate it. Anyway, enjoy the 4 points while it lasts.