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I’ve seen some creators have made multiple profiles, everything the same except for different layer heights e.g. 0.08, 0.12, 0.16, 0.20, 0.24 and have then download and rated their own profiles 5 stars. They’ve also used the same proof of print picture for all profiles. This creates multiple creator profiles at the top, effectively pushing out any other ones from view. Also I believe would have given them multiple points.
I have submitted a ticket asking if this is allowed. No response yet but just wondering on people’s thoughts.

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You only get Points for the printprofile with a Rating of 4+ Stars. That IS the Problem. So you have to Print IT your self (aka Testprint) and rate it your self 5 stars to get the Points later.
My experience IS, that Most people dont rate anything. And this is the Mainproblem…

As mentioned above. The main problem is that too few people rate print profiles.
As it’s required to add a picture of the printed plate as a creator you will need to do a test print of the profile.
If the creator then adds their comment and a rating It shouldn’t be a big issue if the rest rated and commented their opinions.

Perhaps the ones I’ve seen were done before the print record was mandatory.
It doesn’t make sense that you can rate your own profiles. As if you’re going to rate it any less than 5 stars. It still remains my opinion that only the model design should be rated and commented on and they should only be one “guaranteed to print” profile to download, which is uploaded by the model creator. If the end user wants to print in another material or at a different layer height, then that should be up to them to slice themselves.

The fact that creators can download their own models and possibly get points for it is a bug in the platform software. Many users will fall for it sooner or later. Rating one’s own profiles is also such a mistake. If something like this is not prevented, points earned in this way can actually only be considered legal points. It will remain a contentious issue as long as the software is not changed to prevent this.

I fully agree that the creator should not be able to generate points by downloading the print themselves.
Downloading on the webpage only generates one point per model if I’m not mistaken. But the creator should potentially not being able to gain points on their own model or in any way be able to “bump” their downloads or likes.

I don’t disagree that the creators should not be able to rate their own print as that would result in a biased rating, but as long as this is only one rating it shouldnt be that bad in the greater picture. The main issue with ratings is that too few users use the rating feature.
Maybe Makerworld should focus more points towards rating and makes and pull away some of the points given on the creator side?

I also think that points should be weighted on filament usage in some way. I don’t feel that a 1-10g model should give as much points as a 50-100g model or a 100-500g model.

This may pose a problem.
If an model is printed to leight, it is easily to Break and create Plastic garbage.

Yea, I just say that they are giving out equal points to a large model as to a small model. If they in some way based points on filament usage it would be better economy for them. I have no idea how they could solve this in a good way.
But the points system is too “friendly” at the moment which must bleed money on the bottom line for the company.

We will forbid uploaders to rate their own print profile in the next update.
Thanks for reporting the issue!

Should we delete ratings made of our own profiles in that case?

I sort of assumed I was rating the model more so than the profile when it was coming from myself.

I can see the case for not allowing folks to rate their own profiles eventually but while MakerWorld is still in beta it seems like you’d want us to exercise the site as fully as possible.
I spent twenty plus years in the software industry and have shipped many betas. User engagement and feedback is incredibly valuable. To that end I’ve tried to thoroughly exercise MakerWorld to help it’s success. I think prohibiting such contributions retards MakerWorld’s progress.

Rating system is not benefiting from people rating their own profiles. The rating system has a few things that could be fixed but allowing people to get fake engament on their profile by rating 5 stars benefits noone but the profile creator himself. Allowing this might have only been an argument in the very early days before the open beta.

Other things that could be fixed is the actual clicking of the rating stars being not “tactile” enough where people dont realize they clicked another rating than what they meant, and it doesnt save when when you for example rated it 5, but moving your mouse after puts it back to 1. I had very many cases of this.

Another problem is that you cannot delete things you simply dont want to rate or profiles that were somehow removed before you were allowed to rate it. There is no delete button at all.

I have a personal account but I have to use a shared account with the work printer (Because Bambu still doesn’t support multiple users). So whenever I download and print my own designs at work it asks me to rate them which I don’t feel comfortable doing. But there’s no option to not rate, so those models just stay there forever waiting for their rating.

Existing ratings will still be kept.

I upload the models on private mode, use the print profile, upload photos and change to public mode.

Rate own print profile is a good option to show all that this print profile has been tested but score should not apply in this case.

I’m doing it wrong?

Yeah, I’m not sure what the ethics are for rating your own profiles. I usually post, then download each profile to make sure it’s the right version, plates, filament etc. But I never rated one of my own. Downloading and rating your own profiles generates “artificial” points and feels like cheating, in a way. Maybe BL can weigh in on this topic with what the intent is.

There is a name for this phenomena in other industries that provide online ratings where ratings themselves are set up to invite conflicts of interest. It is called:

Review Fraud!!!

I hope Bambu is reading this thread more thoroughly. The silence has been deafening.

I recently was encouraged by a member here to share a design I remixed. I decided to place that up on Printables. Truth be told, I have a number of designs that I felt were too frivolous but having now posted 10 designs on printables, I realize that designs I though we too simple to share, are being enjoyed by others.

However, I refuse at this point to be party to the aggravation that Makerworld has put this community through.

Bambu? Are you listening? Your shitting on your own reputation. Take Makerworld down until you get your act together.

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Anyone that has time to format forum posts probably needs to chill


I agree.
Removing these existing ratings is be a better option.
Since the rating logic is related to some other features, such as points reward. We are checking whether it may bring some side effect.

Wouldn’t people just have a model publishing account and a model printing/rating account? Same goes with counting and not counting prints by the author as downloads. This will be trivial to bypass.