RE-CREATOR Pultrusion filament

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today, I want to dive into the Recreator project and share some updates and challenges I’ve encountered. If you’re curious about the project, you can find relevant links [].

So, let’s talk about the A1-mini and its quest to conquer recycled PET filament, specifically from plastic bottles. Despite the A1-mini’s versatility, printing with recycled PET presented some unique challenges. I’ll be discussing these hurdles and the modifications I’ve implemented.

Building on our previous discussions, I’ve applied a hack to address specific performance issues with PET filament on the A1-mini. For a detailed guide and images, check out the documentation [A1 - Hack - to print Pulltruded PET by 3dEnvangelist - MakerWorld]. Feel free to explore and share your thoughts.

Now, here’s where I could use your input. I’m looking into adjusting the AMS filament loading temperatures from the default 250°C to 280°C. Is this possible? Your collective expertise is crucial in overcoming this challenge. It’s worth noting that using the AMS for each filament end helps immensely, reducing the need for numerous filament splices.

I appreciate your time and involvement in this project. Let’s collaborate, share our experiences, and work together to overcome challenges in the fascinating world of 3D printing.

Thanks a bunch!

Some test print in recicled filament from PET botles !
White from a wine 5lbolte thje gren from 7up and the transparent from 5l water botle !