Re-occurring setting ato be the default

I read a post last year on how to change the default file for 0.20 mm Standard, the post was answered from a user who showed where the default file was located on hard drive and suggestions and example how to add the frequently changed item.

I searched the forum and also searched and asked Reddit, no helpful results.

I would really appreciate some help, I’m tired to forget to change a default and having to stop and restart printing.

Thanks in advance.

It is usually better to modify the default within Studio and save it as a User preset. Studio remembers the last used profile, so it effectively becomes YOUR default.

Just make your Process changes and an asterisk next the name will indicate modifications have been made. Then click the floppy icon to the right and save the preset with a new name.

If you manually edit the system preset in a text editor, it will be replaced every time you update the slicer and need to be re-edited (if you remember to do so, and remember all the changes).

That said, there is a link to your configuration folder in the Help menu.

From there, the default process .json files are in \system\BBL\process

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You have a very good point, that is a better way.

Thank you very much, I’ll get to work.

Steve :grin:

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