Recommendations on table for X1C

Hello folks, i purchased an ikea solution for my new X1c… and it just trmbles like crazy because of the printer speed/force…
any recommendations on a table that would do better? i can put it n the floor, but i would preffer something a bit higher so i wont have to sit on the floor every time when messing with the printer… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just put mine on one of these: WB201 Durable Work Bench With Built-In Drawer | Fleximounts | Fleximounts and it’s working out really well.

I have it in my garage on the concrete floor, which is not very level. So having leveling feet also made a huge difference. I was able to get the bench top super level and very stable.


Do you have it on a concrete paver (16"x16"x2") on foam? That’s a great way to greatly reduce the over all vibrations sound and movement, and will often make lesser tables work just fine. The printer will still go like mad, but won’t be quite as scary, lol.


I have mine on an Ikea 55" LAGKAPTEN with 2 Alex drawers. Been running test prints all day and it just fine. I do have it off to the side over 1 of the Alex drawers and there is 4 rolls of filament in the bottom 2 drawers.

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i dont, will have to get me one… will check on home depot :slight_smile: thanks!!

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@TravisCole Would you recommend the WB201 work benches for two of the X1C’s? I tend to print on medium to slow settings on my Bambu’s to get the highest quality, so they never shake “too” much.

I have mine on a Husky manual height adjustable workbench from Home Depot. Great value and build quality. Someone posted custom fit Gridfinity base sections on Printables for it too. It comes in a few different length options (mine if the 62" version)

Husky 62 in. Adjustable Height Work with 2-Drawers Table in White HOLT6202BJ2 - The Home Depot



I might bolt it to the wall if I had two printers on it. But I haven’t tested this to be sure.

It does move just a little with one printer.

I am going to add a Voron 0.2 soon, but will be a few weeks before I finish that build.

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Hey everyone!

Since I picked up the X1C about a month ago, I’ve found that for fast speeds, which is what this thing seems to be pre-tuned for out of the box, a solid platform to set it down on is pretty important.

I started off by using a wooden nightstand and I could very obviously see the swinging back and forth as it printed. So I decided I would always print on the “Silent” setting until I figure something out. I picked up a 15"x15"x2" piece of concrete, I know, I should have got the 16"x16" as this is a super tight fit. But it helped a lot in terms of dampening and deadening the printer itself, so noise transfer was greatly reduced, and I welcomed that, but I still had the leaning tower rocking back and forth going on.

So I just put the concrete down on the carpeted floor and the printer on it. This is going well but who wants their printer to be sitting directly on the floor all the time?

I did some research and ordered a 12 gauge steel welded machine table which I should receive soon. It’s a fairly small table, 18"x24"x30", similar to a nightstand actually, but it weighs 70lbs and can be bolted down if needed.

My plan is to place a thin layer of rubber on the bottom shelf, then placing a 1" or 2" concrete block (depends on how much will fit) on the rubber layer for the printer to sit on. The table top will be for the AMS to sit on.

My fingers are crossed I measured everything correctly and that it works out as I think it will, because I’m not sure what else I’ll do with a 70lbs steel machine table :sweat_smile:

I figured if I ever want to print at speeds this thing is designed to be able to do, I’ll need the most solid foundation I can find for it.

I’ll post back once I receive it and have had the time to test things out a bit. Until then…

Just keep printing! :printer:

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Hi everyone,

I’ve received the machine table and setup my printer as I had planned. A few tests into it, I’m coming to the conclusion that anything above the “normal” 100% speed setting will not achieve great results even with an insanely stable platform.

I’m not disappointed but I didn’t benefit from this change as much as I thought I would. The issue isn’t the platform anymore, it’s the printer case itself. It’s simply not heavy enough and has no way to be bolted down.

I thought to strap it down to the table with some ratchet straps around the top and under the table, but I don’t feel comfortable putting any stress on the frame, especially since there is so much glass.