Redeemable rewards

Can you use more than one in the same order? For example, all the 4 kits? or more than one discount coupon?

You can use multiple gift cards in the same order, even use them to cover shipping. I’m not sure about the kits.


thanks! sounds great!! i have to try it soon :wink:

Does anybody know if there is a maximum number of gift cards for one order?

I have used 11 in one order without issue.


Thank you. So there seems to be no limit …

You got 11 gift cards from MW?! Man that’s amazing really wish I knew how to model stuff. lol

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If you have the software and the skillset to design things, there are much quicker ways to make money than by cashing in points for gift cards.


How do you redeem the points?

In makerworld click on the gold points icon in the upper left.

Then find something you want and click get.

If you have enough points it will “redeem” for you.

What are the possibilities?