Refuse to install Windows Media Player

It’s a pity I have to hack the camera to view printing.
Wish Bambulab would give us a choice between Windows media Player or others players like VLC etc.

While you don’t have a direct choice in the slicer itself, VLC will play the file if you navigate to it location. Yes, I know it’s clumsy but you aren’t locked down to Media Player.
I’ve set the file location for downloaded videos to a directory all their own so they are easy to find.

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what OS are you using?

My printing videos run directly on VLC; this setting is related to the OS defaults application to open specific file formats.


Sorry, Maybe I’ve haven’t explained myself correctly.

During printing, for viewing you need Windows Media Player. See attached.

Running Windows 11, but uninstalled all the annoying built-in apps. :grin:

Oh! It’s using it as a plug in sort of thing. I had no idea and assumed it was a built in viewer.

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Ok. Now I understood.
I never received that message, as I still have the built-in apps despite not using them.
I am no programmer, but it seems a more straightforward approach and less bug-prone to use the built-in apps ( webview2, edge, WMP,…) that rewrite code to work with a multitude of media players.

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True that. I’m no programmer either, but hope future updates will include the necessary drivers to function individually.

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How did you “hack” it?


Watch this. It works great,

Thanks, but I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle.

I do not have the option to “Go Live”

Also, Windows is telling me that “Windows Media Player Legacy (App)” is already installed.

ok you’re missing network plugin.

Closed Bambu Studio
Renamed the Plugins folder
Opened Bambu Studio
Bambu Network Plug-in auto installed successfully

Still no Go Live option.

Thanks for sticking with me here. Much appreciated.

Did you click “camera setting” ? little honeycomb icon in Device tab

Yeah, I have only ever gotten the Auto-record Monitoring option.

Wired. Sorry haven’t got a clue. Maybe open a ticket to BambuLab

I’ll keep poking it for a while and see if I have any luck first.


Reinstalled Windows Media Player Legacy (App)
Restarted Bambu Studio
All good :grinning:

EDIT: Actually, I still don’t have the Go Live option. But at least I can view the camera in Bambu Studio now.

I could fix it by doing following under my Windows 11 system:

  • deinstalled Media Player Legacy (@optional features)
  • installed media player using powershell admin console with: dism /online /add-capability /capabilityname:media.WindowsMediaPlayer~~~~
  • restart Bambulab Slicer or Orca Slicer (same problem)
    END issue fixed!
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I wasn’t aware of that either. When I click on the green arrow (play) I get a “Loading” message before the video starts. I just assumed it was a Bambu player. I wonder if that’s a variable somewhere.