Refuse to install Windows Media Player

It’s a pity I have to hack the camera to view printing.
Wish Bambulab would give us a choice between Windows media Player or others players like VLC etc.

While you don’t have a direct choice in the slicer itself, VLC will play the file if you navigate to it location. Yes, I know it’s clumsy but you aren’t locked down to Media Player.
I’ve set the file location for downloaded videos to a directory all their own so they are easy to find.

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what OS are you using?

My printing videos run directly on VLC; this setting is related to the OS defaults application to open specific file formats.

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Sorry, Maybe I’ve haven’t explained myself correctly.

During printing, for viewing you need Windows Media Player. See attached.

Running Windows 11, but uninstalled all the annoying built-in apps. :grin:

Oh! It’s using it as a plug in sort of thing. I had no idea and assumed it was a built in viewer.

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Ok. Now I understood.
I never received that message, as I still have the built-in apps despite not using them.
I am no programmer, but it seems a more straightforward approach and less bug-prone to use the built-in apps ( webview2, edge, WMP,…) that rewrite code to work with a multitude of media players.

True that. I’m no programmer either, but hope future updates will include the necessary drivers to function individually.

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