Replying to a comment doesn't tag the user, replying to a rating does

I noticed when replying to comments, it wont tag the user, but when you reply to a rating, it will tag the user. This is super frustrating, as I think there’s several people I’ve responded to that have no idea, because they didn’t get a notification, and I can’t seem to tag them directly.

I assume the tagging them is what notifies them of responses. I feel like that’s how it works on every system…? So I’m assuming the same here.

I think replying to the comment should tag the person too though, you know. Especially comments, because comments are usually questions or feature request, and those responses I give, I want to make sure the user is seeing, getting notified of.

Here’s a shot showing responding to a rating

vs just a normal comment

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oh! that explains that. i was wondering.