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Rather than reply in the original “New” thread, I decided to start this conversation instead in hopes that it would be more visible.

Nways, I found someone stealing my model and posting as their own. Clicking the “Copyright Notice” link to report the user, I’m presented with a dialog with a bunch of selection in Chinese text. Long story short, I wanted to know what the best way to report stolen models over at without going through that hassle figuring out what the selections and words mean.

@MakerWorld Pls advise.

Link to the original model:

Link to the stolen model:


@Tanklet this is an urgent question for you.

I asked today about the same thing, or near the same, about that. Still waiting. We have no control over our “account”, profiles or stolen models there. There has to be a middle point where we can have some control atleast.

There is an English version on the China site.

Screen Shot 2024-06-29 at 3.31.33 PM

Well that didn’t take long.

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Upon closer look, that model is synced from the global site. You can report it to be taken down from the global site then it will be gone from the China site.

That’s a great point! I forgot that this same user may be present in the global site. Thanks!

I guess though the question is still open for in case someone in the .cn site posts our models, how can we report them?

@DWdesigns I did translate the site but the dialog windows that open up still displays Chinese text.

You would think Bambu cares a bit more about those things :frowning:


Thanks for pointing this out. The most convenient way for Global users to report models on MakerWorld China is to file a ticket on the Global site with information such as link, model name or user name of the suspicious model. We take this issue very seriously and welcome all community members to help us identify potential plagiarism across our community, thanks


Thanks for the laugh**, I’ve been seriously depressed of late.

** If my sarcasm wasn’t obvious @MakerWorld, you seriously make it hard for honest people to get this stuff taken down and then let the thief carry on doing it.

That is all. Bye


You take those things serious ???
Then where is the report button to click so offenders can be dealt with without the legit user having to jump through hurdles and wasting time ?
I dealt with the Bambu support several times and I am not impressed - to say it nicely.

Makerworld and Bambu want a bigger market share, fair enough.
But a good product starts with good support and that is the missing thing…
I was admin in forums and moderated a lot as well.
We never went without a report button!
A user finds something offensive, something violating the rules and help is just a click away.

Let me explain how you guys should treat those complaints that keep coming here since day one:

  1. Get going to improve things rather than talking for years how much you care and value your users.
    Lame promises that never come true are of no help, same for using a ticket for such offence - it is offensive to the user to make them go through all this!
  2. Provide a WORKING report system that is monitored not just by bots but also humans.
    A simple button will do, from there a few options to select.
    Like stolen model, offensive language, license violation, …
    The link is already included, so all the user has to do is to provide the link to the model or work in question.
    You guys take the account and models down and make sure the IP address is banned as well.
    Ideally you would cooperate with other hosting sites in order to make it impossible for those criminals to get active anywhere.
  3. Start to listen to your customers and users!
    Go ahead and check how many posts this forum has for stolen works alone…
    Do you really think that if your ways would work those users would come here to seek help ???
    For how many more years will you ignore the requests of those you make your fortunes from before things improve ?

Report button and copyright claim are here:

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Yes, but I meant something that ACTUALLY works as advertised :wink:


Whilst not an identical scenario to yours, I report an account yesterday as only has renders as images, it has never provided photo evidence and all models uploaded were after the rules changed to require them.

I reported two of the 16 models and the account itself.

BL said my report was unsuccessful and I had to provide further evidence.

Like what? The listings of the models, done, the account, done. The rules they broke, done.

When the report is unsuccessful, they never state why they believe it is fine despite breaking their own stated reasons.

Whilst I have report somewhere in the region of 2k models/profiles and have a high success rate, I only ever report blatant offenders. If a report fails, it isn’t just surprising, it is mind blowing.

Provide ACTUAL reasons why the report failed BL.

I have felt less interested in continuing to report models and profiles for breaching the rules as while I favour being a good community member, BL always tries its best to infuriate on obfuscate.


Suggestion for @MakerWorld / @Tanklet : Your developer team might have already been looking at this already, if not yet, perhaps consider employing AI to catch plagiarists and automatically flagging your review team to look at the listing and take it down? Often plagiarists will use the same pictures are the original author and by comparing the product pictures and release dates, one should be able to tell which one is the original vs the copy. This way, the process is more proactive rather than reactive.

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So you are frustrated with the system, see some flaws in it and chose to express your thoughts here? huh isn’t that ironic. :thinking:

Where was this version of Malc yesterday? :rofl: :wink:

Yesterday read your responses as you suggesting people steal IP and telling people that we’re no rules against it.

It was only later you said you were annoyed with them and offered context. Someone else may have only read your first comments and trusted your words.

I gave context in the same comment about my annoyance.

Same person yesterday as today.

I follow the rules, I don’t suggest anyone breaks them even when frustrated and I moan when BL doesn’t enforce their own rules or bother to say why reports that were clearly accurate about bad actors gaming the system were ignored or not upheld.

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See, these issues are the reason why no longer publish my meaningful models.
Sharing is caring they say…
Whilst I don’t mind if someone uses my creations for other things, I don’t like it when people rake in money from things I provided for free and under a NON-commercial license.
Same story for people just stealing my models to enter contests, post them on other sites or offer them as paid models.

And no, I did not give up recently, I gave up quite a few years ago when Thingiverse and Etsy turned nuts with stolen models.
For me those stealing are not the big problem, for me it is that NO hosting site dares to finally implement measures to PREVENT this.
And what good are rules if no one dares to enforce them ?
“Please report so we can act” ROFL

As others found out this reporting of stolen or otherwise abused content DOES NOT WORK as advertised.
Our western justice system states that if in doubt a person is innocent and has to be treated as such.
The funny thing is that when it comes to artwork, digital creations and such 3D models seem to exist outside all common law and logic - for hosting sites.
If a user reports someone consistently breaking the rules then why is this user asked to provide proof or evidence of the offences???
Reporting means that someone thinks something is not right and through the reporting requests that someone checks this to act accordingly.
Bambu seems to think that someone is always no one…
But they are not alone…

I judge a company mainly based on product quality and how well or bad their support works.
Our banks and telcos for example score really low with me…
I had sellers on AliExpress offering better help much faster than the Bambu support.
And over there I am literally a nobody and those sellers could just ignore me…
Something we like to forget with China is that they have no copyright laws or protection like the western world has.
In fact you can literally copy and abuse what you like in China as it is fair game.
Bambu is a Chinese company after all…
If they want to stand out and keep their users and customers happy they have to up their game quite a bit…


bbl want consumers. ones that buy product. Makerspace exists only to attract consumers, in particular for bbl provided stuff, printers filament, any widget that they can add. There will be little action on anything unless they perceive it will damage their sales. Being an honest creator on makerspace, is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. I’m not sure why everyone does not realise that, but I guess the winners do. bbl are not big enough, ethically or physically, to correct the situation, and it is apparent that they do not see it as a benefit to them if they were to do so.

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Nicely said…
I noticed this on other sites as well.
Action only ever happens once profits go down :frowning: