Reports unecessary

people that report models that dont have a print profile picture… as long as there is no print profiles you can upload models without pictures of the printed part. The AI or the bambu team such as Beanoverlord will print your model and then add a print profile on it. Unnessary reports just makes bambu team work harder and takes time on them for no reasons as people like me will ask for an appeal… thank you

Or you could upload a picture of your printed model when you Tick that box to say you did???

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why is it so hard to print your models and take a picture? It’s so easy. there is a camera on your phone.


Still crying?
Come on, grow up and start learning how to read the guidelines, also learn how to take pictures of your models so you don’t have to cry on the forum every week or “makes bambu team work harder” like you said. :clown_face:

It’s odd, I’ve seen profiles with thousands of likes and downloads; usually the models are all just extruded svgs without real photos. I personally don’t care one way or the other, but I wonder who is downloading that stuff?


get a life man , i am taking pictures of screenshots of all your posts here and reporting it. you are the bigest troll ive ever seen on this forum my dude. you keep going and arguing with everyone the opposite way and making fun of people is not tolerated here


models that i did uploaded back then before getting my ams… now that i have it yes i can print them. before i couldnt, thank you

What an irony, crying about people reporting your models when you spend your life reporting others :rofl: You are a hypocrite :clown_face:

Of course not. Otherwise anyone could upload any rubbish, mainly without a print profile, to spam Makerworld with it. Isn’t that exactly what we want to prevent?

If you want to upload some rubbish that you haven’t even printed (or can not printed) yourself, then please post it privately so that it is invisible to other users! If you are sure that your model has been printed well, then simply take a photo of it and upload it with the model. You don’t necessarily have to have a profile for the model, but please upload a photo of the print of your model!

Thank you very much!

if you say so… again we dont need this kind of behaviour here. reported again

list them as private/hidden until you have the pictures. people cannot report what they cannot see. the requirement for a genuine print photograph is a requirement now, as you are well aware, and folks won’t care if the model is pre-rule or not; they will still see a rule violation and report it…

thats what i did now thank you