Reprint on AMS slot configuration

If I got to print something and I assign a part a slot in the AMS. If for some reason I need to restart the print when I go to restart I need to reassign the slots in the AMS. I would appreciate it if what I originally set is remembered so I don’t have to reconfigure on the reprint.

There have been occasions where I have forgotten and need to throw the print out as its incorrectly coloured.

No, I would not like that thats how fk ups happen, because your personal workflow issues of not checking before hitting send is a YOU issue

Why would you say that? If i set the slot colours when i hit print. If i go to reprint the exact same thing should be printed. why should it forget what i have sent.

Thats like saying you need to reset the profile and temperatures on a reprint. A reprint should be indentical to its previous print.

Again its a workflow issue and not knowing the software you are using, you didn’t save the project to the filament type or color it save what slot to pull filament from because in Bambu’s world you should be using RFID tagged spools in every slot, that’s how the system is set up, thats how it runs the profiles. Again it’s designed with constraints for industrial use, this hobbist stuff is pushing the software for the hardware they already had designed for industry thats all.

Once again wrong attitude towards this. To say bambu aligned their ams workflow around their own filament is short sighted. I doubt that was not the case.

Ill give you another example. Ignore the ams. If i send a print, don’t select bed level or time lapse why on a reprint are these option turn on by default. Why wouldn’t they be set to the setting of the original send. What I send I should be able to reprint without having to reconfigure anything.