Request for Bambu Lab apparel in store

I would love to see some Merch in the store.

Stickers, Hoodies, T-shirts, Lanyards, Beanies, ETC

After spending nearly 10k on printers this year I would definitely buy some apparel

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OK… so let me get this straight. You spent 10K with these folks this year. And now you want to buy stuff that has nothing to do with printing and advertise their brand which you don’t own and presumably are not a shareholder in their company. Shouldn’t they be paying you?

What did I miss here? image

Or I support the company because their innovation in the 3d Printing market has allowed me to grow my business substantially and spend less time fiddling with printers. No different that some one buying nikes or some other brand.

LOL. You sound like an Apple Fanboy.

Well, as they say, different strokes…

I’m a child of the 70s and never quite lost the antiestablishment vibe. To support someone else logo for me personally, is something I will not pay for under any circumstances. If someone wants to give me a T-Shirt and I liked the color, I might wear it but I certainly wouldn’t pay to be someone elses product billboard under any circumstances. That just feels like caving into “the man”.

Cool story :+1: Really sticking to “the man” there boomer. You do you

I want bambu merch and I’m sure others do too

I too was disappointed there were now T-shirts or anything, and a search led me to this post. Come on Bambu Lab - sell some merchandise that you probably would give away at trade shows anyway. :slight_smile:

SJW - Ignore the grumpy people. :grin: It’s OK to be into the company whose products you are using.

I’d attend a trade show to try and grab some merch, but I’m not sure I’d buy it unless it was heavily discounted on the store.

I wouldn’t wear anything with stupid tag-lines or “Bambu Lab” plastered across it, but the logo small on a nice Bamboo T-shirt, or on a beanie is something I’d likely wear.
Something where if someone knows, they know. If they don’t it’s not really advertising.

I’d probably also wear a T-shirt with a nice wireframe version of the X1C on the back.

I’m 57 and I want a T-shirt too. That’s how I found this thread, I was looking to buy a T-shirt. If the “Establishment” is going to make me wear a shirt, then I’m going to wear what I like.

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