Request: Put filament and spare parts on AMAZON

I saw that Bambu Lab is dropping the subscription requirement for the filament discounts, club, or whatever it is. Maybe I speak for myself, but I don’t often use their filaments because frankly, it’s way faster and easier to order something else off Amazon (usually cheaper too, but that’s a different subject)

I can say that I’ve had a good experience with the BL filaments I have used, just not so good that I’m usually willing to wait the extra time to order straight from the BL website.

So my request is to put the filament on Amazon, one-day shipping, two days at most. Also while you’re at it, the replacement parts and accessories, same issue.


I hope they don’t. I’m fine waiting for filament and parts because I KNOW they are Bambu original quality. Amazon is a bunch of fakes and I don’t want to question what I’m getting for my hard earned money.

Sounds like you need to think ahead and stock some spare parts.


Bambu can create their own store so you’d know you’re buying legit parts/accys. My issue with placing orders with BL are that out of 6 orders I’ve placed with them for parts, two of them had shipping issues. Normally you can’t fault BL for carrier issues but if the carrier says you have to contact the shipper then you’re at the mercy of BL to respond. In one case my item finally arrived two weeks late, the other one month late. I avoid placing any orders with BL for this reason alone. They really need an order fullfilment number/email dedicated to shipping issues. With Amazon problem orders are usually solved in days, not weeks.

Amazon already has a solution that allows buyers to verify that the parts they received are genuine. They’re called transparency codes. They look like qr codes and you scan them using an amazon app to establish authenticity. Nonetheless, if you want total certainty, I can understand why you’d want to order from BBL directly.

Nonetheless, I agree with the OP. Fast delivery is hugely compelling. I can order a filament and have it delivered today. With BBL, probably more like a week.

I wish costco would start to stock filaments. They usually do a good job of selecting quality goods.

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I for one would welcome this not just because of the overdue remediation of Bambu’s complete inability to provide appropriate inventory levels, logistics support, not to mention overcharging for freight but just the consumer protection it provides.

Amazon is indeed full of fake products but I don’t think you can say all of the brands are fakes. A smart shopper just has to know what to look for.

If you stick to recognized brands who host their own Amazon stores, you’ll get the real product from them, not counterfeits.

Here’s just a couple of examples of what I am talking about, these well-known brands have their own store front and they leverage Amazon’s logistics and warehousing to deliver in two days or less.

Would you call these guys fakes?

Even brands that don’t host their own store, if it says “Sold By Amazon”, the brand is authentic and Amazon is acting like a distributor.

People quickly forget that Amazon itself started as a retail site for books they distributed and then grew into other products. Then came the Amazon marketplace where other sellers could sell but Amazon is still out there as the largest seller on