Resume/Stop/Close Popup in Bambu Handy App is in the way

When I want to do a manual colour change, I add a pause in the print.
Pausing makes a pop up appear with options ‘Close / Stop / Resume’. The popup itself is fine, but after closing it, it will reappear at regular intervals.
During my colour change, I’ll be going through the filament change prompts.
The button to confirm the filament has been loaded exactly falls on the same spot as the ‘stop’ button of the ‘printing paused by user’ popup. If I’m not careful, the stop button can appear just before I tap the screen causing me to cancel the print instead of confirming the filament has been loaded. It’s happened a couple times to me now.
As you could imagine this is very annoying when it happens.
I am how having to get in the habit of not touching the screen until the ‘printing paused by user’ popup has appeared, so I can close it, and be confident it won’t appear for another few seconds while I confirm the filament has been loaded.

There is no reason for the ‘printing paused by user’ popup to reappear constantly. Both the ‘resume’ and ‘stop print’ buttons are accessible from the app without the popup. The popup causes more harm than good.
Is it possible to change this so it only appears once, and if the user chooses ‘close’, it does not appear again?

The ‘confirm filament change’ popup is a little different as the buttons here are not otherwise accessible from the app, so I understand that this popup has to reappear, otherwise the process can get stuck half way through.

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Happened to me today. Poor app design there.