"Reverse" AMS hub?

Given that the P1P is going to likely be a lower priced product I could conceivably see it being used in Print Farms. That got me to thinking about the possibility of a device/hub that would allow multiple AMSes feed to multiple printers.

The advantages here would be that if you have Black, White, Blue, and Red loaded up in AMS1 and Green, Gray, Yellow, Orange in AMS2, if you’re printing something in Blue in Printer1 could print something in Green on Printer2 without having to shuffle stuff around or have.

The obvious downside here is that one a printer is running it dedicating one AMS even if it’s only using one color. Also, if you’re printing something in Blue and Green that either dedicates two AMSes (in my example) or you need to have some complex functionality that allows printers to know what AMSes the other printer(s) are uses and is able pause until the AMS it needs becomes free.

The benefits of having this might be outweighed by the complexity as well as the potential reduction in print times, but it’s just an idea I had that I thought I’d float around and see what people thought.

Please, Bambu Lab, create a reverse AMS hub. I need multiple p1p and x1 printers to be able to each “pull” whatever filament it needs from the same AMS array of filaments.