Rookie needs help

Hello everyone,

Ok I got a x1-c around Christmas time. I have probably printed over 50 prints so far and have pretty much been learning as I go. YouTube videos help but I’d like to get something to read or like step by step tutorial. I’d really like to know what every number and parameter means when using bambu studio, you know like under strength, speed etc.

I’d like to dive into different filaments, speed times, and making prints look good.

Does Bambu have a training book on how to use the software? I’d like to start on my own before asking million questions on the forum.

Hi there, Welcome to the forum.
Have you seen the Bambu Lab support pages for Bambu Studio and Handy.


Thank you for the tip. I did look it over the other day. Is there anything else that goes into more detail on all the parameters?

Youtube is your friend. Lots of tutorials can be found there…

There are some great tutorials on this site:

This link is to Bambu Studio Basics

This link is to Bambu Studio Advanced


I don’t know of a detailed Studio guide, but there is one for PrusaSlicer at

It might seem strange to recommend a guide to a different slicer, but Bambu Slicer is actually derived from PrusaSlicer, and though it looks different, most settings are the same or very similar. The guide provides very good explanations of what the various settings do, and how and why you might want to change them.